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3 Reasons why you need search engine optimization now more than ever

Online marketing

Google is not your traditional company. For example, the first doodle of Google is a burning man. This was in 1998 and it was a message to let the people know that Brin and Page, the founders of Google are at the Nevada festival. Instead of traditional lawn mowers, Google rents goats from a grazing company to mow the lawns in their company headquarters. And during the time when Google was nothing more than a research project, the storage compartment for their 10 4 GB hard drive was Lego bricks. These hard drives were the ones the company used in testing PageRank algorithm. Despite all these if you have a website, you cannot ignore Google and Google rankings. If you have a website, especially if your site is related to your business or the business itself, you know that your rank in Google can make or break your company. This is the reason why you need search engine optimization now more than ever. If you are not familiar with the importance of SEO, here are three search engine facts that you should know.

First, 42 percent of users visit the highest ranking organic search results. This means that when it comes to getting more visitors to the site, you need to have good search engine rankings. Even if you have the best product or service, you cannot possibly compete with companies that have high search engine ranking. This is simply because your market can see them while your site is way down the list of the result which users do not bother to see. Search engine optimization is therefore the only way for you to have higher search engine ranking. With a reliable search engine company you can have consistently good rankings. Eventually you will attract more and more customers which you can then turn to loyal and purchasing customers.

Second, according to 57 percent of B2B marketers, when it comes to lead generation, SEO has the highest influence. In other words search engine optimization is now becoming more effective than traditional advertising and marketing. If you want actions from your customers, then you need to make sure that your site is optimized and you need to make sure that the search engine optimization company that you hire is also an expert in online marketing or internet marketing.

Third, search engine optimization is not just getting higher ranking and leads. It can be used in communicating with your customers or market. And with the right communication, you can actually strengthen your brand. Effective search engine optimization companies are able to make the right content for their clients. These contents can be anything from resources, articles and information about the company and the product or service. Given the right content, you can therefore use your website in ensuring that your brand is strong enough to meet the short term and long term goals of your company.


Marketing Consultant Value

Those that want to resell websites are the ones that are looking to help businesses optimize their presence on the internet. The specialists realize that in order to do this properly, they must be able to convince and present the client with the knowledge and expertise that comes behind their strategy to get a website up and running the proper way. The marketing specialist realizes that a good website reseller program will demonstrate how growth for a business will be seen by the amount of quality leads that they get when they change up their landing page and website. Those that resell website development programs need to understand that they must communicate value to their customer or else they are fighting a losing battle when they come up against price. Many people that resell websites are the people that see the price battle as one they need to be competing against constantly. This is one of the unique abilities that a person who is a true marketing consultant and an asset to businesses possesses the ability to do.

For these reasons a good website reseller programs advantage will be the value that the individual brings to the table by servicing the client right. If you are going to resell websites you need to understand what personal value you will bring to the table. If you can know and understand this then you are in a better place to see what you have to offer when you resell websites over the person you compete with. If every single marketing consultant out there was able to better communicate his or her own personal value then we would be in a better place to make a case for why you need to business with them over another person out there that offers the ability to resell websites.


How To Make A Buck on the Internet!

If you’ve ever considered learning how to resell websites through a website reseller program, then you’ve happened across one of my favorite ways to make extra money on the internet. When you resell website development, you’re often selling a whole package that may include web hosting as well as design services.

Basically, if you plan to resell website development through website reseller programs, you’ll be purchasing bandwidth for web hosting at a wholesale price, then “branding” it with your own design sensibility and selling it off under your own business name at a price that you determine. This approach lets you resell website development in your own way. You can host on a server setup type of your choice, including shared and dedicated servers and servers arrays.

Programs to resell website development vary in their terms, especially in the way you are expected to price the web design services that you sell. Typically you’ll get a commission of some sort whenever you successfully resell website development. And you’ll have the most flexibility in the area of pricing for hosting. Whether you want to set your price fairly high and seek higher profile clients, or whether you want to sell a larger quantity of web hosting bandwidth at a smaller profit per contract (i.e. priced a smaller amount above the original wholesale price) is entirely up to you!

Some companies that promote web development services for resale will provide you with a lot of custom resources to make it faster and easier for you to resell website development through their company. This can include templates for websites you use to resell these services, and a lot of other marketing materials that you can tailor to your unique brand.


Tips for being a Website Reseller

Are you interested in becoming a website reseller? Resell websites are a common way to produce extra income with minimal work after the initial setup. The benefits of being a website reseller can be immediate. Web reselling can enable you to quickly develop a site and increase your company market shares. Here are a few good things to know about web reselling.

First, web reselling is basically using space on your hard drive to allow a business to operate. All businesses need a web server to operate, and a web server cannot operate without necessary computer space. Usually when you are a website reseller, you are securing the files for a business on your own computer.

Second, website reseller programs are varied and finding the right one for you will be determined by a number of factors concerning you and the site you will be hosting. A reliable source might be more expensive, but a cheap reseller program can turn out to be more of a headache than it is really worth, and financially draining as well. If you feel fairly confident that you will be able to collect enough customers to sustain your business, go with a more established website reseller program. If you are starting out and unsure of how much money and work you really want to put into your project, then a cheaper website might benefit you more.

Third, as your business progresses, consider looking into resell website development. Further developing and design your website will produce a better display of your services and will help you to maximize on profit while also presenting the most professional image to your customers as possible, which will help you build trust in the website reseller community. Web designers can also help you format your site so that it functions better on mobile devices, which many people now use to conduct business.