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  • How Do Search Engine Rankings Work?

    The new mantra for how sites like Google determine search engine rankings is “things not strings.” It’s no longer all about what keywords are embedded in a page, but about bigger concepts. So what are these variables that determine search engine rankings? The first thing to consider is a search engine’s scoring. To score a […]

  • Check Out SEO News Online

    Did you know that 92 percent of Internet using adults in the United States perform one or more searches using search engines? Over 70 million people shop using the Internet on their computer, mobile device, or tablet. Organic click though generates greater rates of conversion than Pay Per Click. Over 50 percent of B2B marketers […]

  • Internet Marketing Yields Great Results

    The first Tweet released by Google was sent out on Feb 26th, 2009, and it was binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.” Google has helped businesses across the globe feel “lucky,” thanks to what it can do for traffic and visibility of a website. Google rankings have helped hundreds of thousands of websites to see […]

  • Helpful Google Information

    The company headquarters of Google has their lawn mowed by goats which are rented from a grazing company. On a more serious note, three quarters on individuals using search engines will not look past the first page to find the results they are looking for. This goes to show company executives the important of using […]