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You Do Not Have to Wait for an SEO Expert to Get Some Results

Did you know that if a user clicks on your Google advertisement, a “cookie” is added to their computer for only 30 days? This protects the privacy of the user, but it can mean that if your paid advertisement did not capture the user right away, then they may be lost forever. This is one reason why it is important to have natural SEO in your toolbox, organically driving your website higher in search engine results pages.

It is easier to do this than you might think. You and your staff can adopt some basic SEO tips to get started, and then eventually hire an SEO specialist to take the groundwork and improve on what has already been done.

  • Step one. DIY SEO tips to start with.
  • Here are several SEO tips for beginners to get you started. Approximately 61% of small businesses in the U.S. do not even have a website, and if there is one thing that SEO really requires, it is a website. Your DIY small business search engine optimization starts with having a website, and connecti


Gain a Competitive Edge With Free SEO Tips

During 2012, online retail spending surpassed 200 billion dollars for the first time. By 2016, marketing experts predict that number to exceed 325 billion dollars. As if numbers are needed to prove it, the internet is the present and future of marketing.

With more and more people choosing to purchase products and services online, the world of online marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Consequently, the most innovative businesses are choosing to invest in search engine optimization packages.

A few years ago, doing search engine optimization in house could be quite productive. To make it easier for business to do so, there were plenty of websites offering free SEO tips for beginners. Today, there are a plethora of sites offering everything from the most basic SEO tips to SEO blogging tips. However, statistics show that the number of businesses doing SEO in house declined by seven percent between 2010 and 2011.

Despite the surplus of free SEO tips, the world