Gain a Competitive Edge With Free SEO Tips

During 2012, online retail spending surpassed 200 billion dollars for the first time. By 2016, marketing experts predict that number to exceed 325 billion dollars. As if numbers are needed to prove it, the internet is the present and future of marketing.

With more and more people choosing to purchase products and services online, the world of online marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Consequently, the most innovative businesses are choosing to invest in search engine optimization packages.

A few years ago, doing search engine optimization in house could be quite productive. To make it easier for business to do so, there were plenty of websites offering free SEO tips for beginners. Today, there are a plethora of sites offering everything from the most basic SEO tips to SEO blogging tips. However, statistics show that the number of businesses doing SEO in house declined by seven percent between 2010 and 2011.

Despite the surplus of free SEO tips, the world of online marketing is getting far too complex for most businesses to handle in house. This complexity has a lot more to do with the challenge of creating the organic content that 70 percent of web users prefer. While that may be part of it, the leading professional SEO firms are becoming more valuable for their ability to contend with Google.

In the United States, Google commands at least 70 percent of the search engine market. Therefore, the success of every internet marketing relies heavily upon how well a company website can rank on Google. Given the recent changes to the Google algorithm, it is continuing to become more challenging for businesses to navigate those changes. On the other hand, the best SEO firms have the capabilities to not only avoid Google penalties, but to get their clients the marketing results they want.

Although there are plenty of websites and blogs offering free SEO tips for non specialists, considering everything that is at stake in terms of time, money, and Google penalties, it is always better to hire SEO pros. Only a legitimate SEO firm with a proven track record for success can give their clients the best chance to attain their online marketing goals.

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