5 Great SEO Reseller Tips

The pathway to large seo reseller income

To be a successful SEO reseller, one must know what to offer depending on the client. Different clients have different needs and being able to identify those needs is an imperative trait in an SEO reseller. Here are 5 SEO reseller tips to help you do just that.

  1. Online marketing

    Your job as an SEO reseller is to make sure that your client is marketing online with the correct web design and at the correct times. This is important now more than ever as the world becomes so much more digital than it ever has before. Especially with small businesses, the owners can tend to be the main marketers as well but research says that 88% of those owners admit to having no idea what they’re doing when it comes to marketing. What owners really want to be doing is focusing on their business; the part that they have experience and knowledge in.

    Offer help with online marketing. You will need to establish yourself as an online marketing consultant. This means that your initial consultation with the potential client needs to be full of knowledge and preparation. A good report that clients like to see is where they stand with other local competition. Don’t worry if the numbers look bad, the more worse off they are with the competition, the more they will want help.

  2. Website design and maintenance

    This is one that not all resellers offer
    . Some small businesses do not even realize that they need a website. However, it will be your job to explain to them why a website and a blog are so important.

    Try offering to set it up and run it for them to make sure that their website or blog is search engine optimized in order to generate more traffic.

  3. Social media

    This is a very obvious area that you could help but it must be included in the 5 SEO reseller tips because of its significance to an online presence. Between Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, email and more, there are plenty of ways to use their social media to their benefit. However, most business owners can only dedicate less than two hours a week to social media so it will be up to you to offer your services in marketing their company through social networks so they don’t have to. The truth is, even if owners have the time, very few really know how to do what needs to be done to optimize social media to their benefit.

  4. Shorten the emails

    Holidays are great time to touch base with clients even if it’s just to wish them a happy holiday. Sending an email can be a great marketing tool even if you are promoting the business necessarily. Writing on company letterhead will remind the client of the business. Chances are that they are already familiar with the company so there is no need to put too much into an email. When you try to cram too much into one message you lose a lot of audience.

    Statistics say that clients prefer a shorter body in the emails. If the client opens the email and sees a lot of text, the majority of them will delete the email without reading but if the text is short it is less likely to overwhelm readers and they will at least skim it, giving time for the company name to reenter their mind.

  5. Consistency

    This is the last of the 5 SEO reseller tips. Keeping things consistent can go along way. Decide what services you’re going to offer and then keep it that way picking and choosing from them as you promote yourself. However, if you decide what services you offer depending on the business you are trying to gain as a client, you will end up being all over the place.

    If you were going to promote yourself on the Internet, which would be a good idea for a search engine optimization reseller, your online brand image will be reinforced by the consistency you offer.

There are many more services that you can offer and things that you can do to make yourself the best SEO reseller. However, following these 5 SEO reseller tips will help you get started on the pathway to large SEO reseller revenue.

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