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ticing law. Law clerks are graduates of law school. The law clerk program is generally an academic program that lasts three years following the completion of a bachelor’s degree. Some are lawyers, while others may pursue an Ph.D.

The responsibilities for a clerical position:

1. Judicial law clerks help judges in court by providing extensive research and research of legal documents.

2. They just graduated from the law school and were able to stay on top of the huge body of law and precedent on which their legal decisions are based.

3. These lawyers assist with communication between lawyers and attorneys participating in trials and hearings.

4. They prepare legal briefs, analyze motions proposed by lawyers, and perform routine tasks such as noting notes, proofreading the opinions, entering information, and reading documents.

5. Most of the time, clerical work takes place in courts, offices, or judges’ chambers. However, it can also be carried out while on the move for conducting interviews or delivering subpoenas.

6. Their average work week is 40 hours. It is possible to work later in the evening, as often as workers from different professions.

7. They manage the chamber library as well as keeping the calendars of court’s judges up-to date. c61a9y468y.

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