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Search engine optimizing

Did you know that an approximate 70-80% of internet goers ignore sponsored links and advertisements, and MarketingCharts reveals that search engines are responsible for at least 39% of sales? The best online marketing takes a considerable amount of time, and pushes only the highest quality sites, content, and blog posts. How successful is quality content marketing, and why should small and medium-sized businesses, especially, seek help with SEO and search engine marketing (SEM)?

Why Choose SEO and Content Marketing?

Seventy percent of search engine users click on organic links only, according to Search Engine Journal. Changes to Google’s search formula, such as Hummingbird and (not provided) have marketers debating on how, exactly, to rank among the top search engine result pages. What is the only thing that remains largely agreed upon?

Online marketing experts agree, as a whole, that quality content will remain an important part of search engine marketing. In fact, Northwestern University professor Don Schultz predicts, “I really believe that content marketing is the future of all marketing.” Schultz’s opinion is far from a stretch. In fact, content can currently boost blog traffic by as much as 2,000%, and increase revenue by 40%, according to MarketingSherpa. Moreover, Google algorithm updates and high quality content aim to please the same audience, i.e. consumers.

Know When It’s Time to Ask for Help

SEO boasts a much higher close rate than direct marketing (14.6% compared to 1.7%). It stands to reason, then, that companies of all sizes attempt at least some SEM. Going it alone, however, can be especially detrimental for small and medium-sized businesses. Why?

Google is raising its standards. Internet marketing services, including search engine marketing specialists and online reputation managers, keep close tabs on the latest online marketing trends. SEM resellers often have staff and resources to dedicate just to online marketing efforts and professional website development.

Search engine marketing produces results, and a growing number of companies and marketers are recognizing the increasing importance of quality content. Consider an online marketing agency for dedicated SEM and professional website development. Get more on this here:

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