How Auto Glass Tinting Is Added to a Car – 1302 Super

You can install it at your home or by a specialist. This is the way tinting a window functions.

The film first needs to be cut down to the right size. The film is then put on to the vehicle’s windows using soapy water. To cut the film down into the correct size an stainless steel blade and an electric heater are utilized.

The film is able to be placed on a surface in order to take away any edge. To avoid dirt and other imperfections, it is important to wipe the windows. With washing with soap and water A razor blade can be used to remove all lingering substances.

When the window has dried, you can spray more soapy water over the glass. After that, the peelboard is taken off the film. Film is then laid on top of the window after which the soapy water gets taken out of it using a squeegee.

It will guarantee that your car is perfectly tinted.


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