How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work – Venezuela Today

Installation and maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler systems that operate within the safe legislation of the area they are placed in. Let’s jump into how the fire sprinklers are used.

The fire sprinkler consists of an aluminum body with threads that is connected to pipes and is equipped with a water-resistant valve. The system may experience extreme temperatures which can trigger huge pressure to rise. This causes the bulb in the valve system to burst and allows water droplets to be released in an evenly distributed pattern.

There are a variety of sprinkler heads. They all have different operating temperatures and levels of fire risk. Different hazard levels call for different sprinkler systems, so it’s important to match the area’s hazards and of the Fire sprinkler systems. Fire-related deaths are more likely to occur due to burning or inhalation rather than direct flame contact.

Find out more regarding the functions of the fire sprinkler system in the video we have linked.


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