How to Lay Bricks for Your Paver Patio – Home Improvement Videos

Be sure you’re aware that your base is ready.

The brick paver can be built into patios at your own. If you are new to the area It is recommended to get help from someone experienced.

Once your pavers are shipped or taken home and you are ready to set your stakes at the corners of your base and lay over paver restraints that are laid along the edges. Measure the length of your edges , then place your pavers on the same line to ensure that they are positioned in a uniform way. It is now time to put down your sand.

Remove the pavers from the edges before pouring and levelling the sand into your base. For laying the pavers in a clean manner, as well as to make sure the patio is level you will need sufficient sand.

If your area is level with the patio, it’s almost accomplished. It’s now time to use part of the dirt that you dug for your base to wrap around the edges of your restraints that are visible. After that, you’ll be able to sweep away the pavers or wash them with some water if they’re stained.

Finally, you can use a plate compactor to compact all pavers to. Use sand to fill the joints , and then cover all the patio. tk4sjor584.

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