Search Engine Rankings, Google, and How they Can Help your Online Revenue

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Believe it or not, your search engine ranking can drastically affect how much traffic your website sees, and therefore, how much revenue your company can generate from online sales. That is why it is so important to make sure that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a part of your online marketing scheme. It is a lot of work, but since more than 70 million people shopped using a cell phone, tablet computer, or other mobile device as of 2012, you can see why having a presence online is so important!

Specifically Google rankings come into play here, and this is because Google actually receives more than half of the share in the internet search engine market. In fact, it is closer to 65 to 70 percent! Because it is one of the most well known and often used search engines, making sure that Google rates your website high when a user searches for terms related to your business. SEO Marketing is really useful in keeping your website high in organic search results so that users will interact with links to your site.

Did you know that before Google was anything more than a research project, the founders made storage compartments out of Lego bricks for all 10 of the 4GB hard drives they used in order to test their well known PageRank algorithm? Even before search engines and the internet took off, the founders of Google knew how important search engine ranking was going to be, and made sure to perfect it to the best of their abilities. At the head of the game as well was the Google “doodle”, which was first intended to be an out of the office message that let other people know that Brin and Page, the co founders of Google, were at the Nevada festival. It actually depicted the burning man to get this message across.

Up to 80 percent of people who use internet search engines completely ignore sponsored search results, which are the spots at the very top of a search engine results page that are typically the first ones you see. Most people scroll past those, as they are blatantly labelled as “sponsored”, and instead click on the natural or organic results underneath them that the search engine ranks regularly.

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