The Signs You May Need Roof Repair – Rochester Magazine

doesn’t last forever. The time may pass by before you know that your roof will need to be replaced if aren’t a certified roofing professional. Keep reading to learn the most frequent indicators that suggest you might need to repair your roof within the next few years.

Visible damage is the first signal that your roof may require repair. Damage that is visible could indicate serious issues, which means it could be necessary to make immediate roof repairs.

Another indication that you might require roof repair is if the roof is falling deck. It is imperative to take action immediately to prevent further sagging and damage to your roof and your house.

Clogged gutters are another sign that you may need roof repairs. A blocked gutter can lead to problems with your roof, and even backups, if the water is unable to pass through.

Roof stains are the next issue to watch out for. If you notice stains on your roof, it could be algae and will require professional assistance to remove them.

The presence of moisture in your home is the last thing you want to watch out for. Inspect the attic as well as the crawlspace for moisture.

To find out more about the indications you need roof repair, watch the video above!


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