The (Thunder)Shocking History of Pokemon – Digital Arts Magazine

Most loved and acclaimed video games can be found in zed. The game’s first handheld was conceived as an animated TV show or movie. It also included mobiles as well as other products. Though millions of fans have been enthralled by this franchise throughout its history, very few people know its story.

On April 26, 1989 two Japanese game makers named Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori chose to convert their arcade magazine into an organization for the development of video games. Also known under the title Game Freak, they achieved some recognition with titles like Yoshi as well as Mario.

Game Freak published two games on the Nintendo Gameboy on November 27, 1996. The titles were titled Pokemon: Red, and Pokemon: Green. Both titles were inspired by Tajiri’s childhood passion for collecting insects. The game’s protagonist, instead of searching for bugs to find food, tames amazing creatures known as “Pocket Monsters” and then collects them.

Although the Game Freak games were originally made available exclusively in Japan just for Japan, Pokemon was so well-received that it got a world release. It was first released in America on September 28 in 1998. This small idea, which began as an animation series, movie and game, has now evolved into an entire series that includes an assortment of games, and a trading card series in only three years.

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