Uncontested Divorce The Less Painful Way Through a Painful Process – My Free Legal Services

It can be emotionally draining. Children are at risk of being negatively affected by the legal system. The research shows that divorce is more likely to be successful when couples have an individual mediator than for couples who resolve divorces in court. Both spouses can file for divorce. Yes. Yes. A couple can choose to jointly file divorce papers if they want to divorce each other. Joint filing is usually a sign of goodwill from both sides and it is easier for both couples and their children.

Does a divorce that is no fault be contested in court? Yes, in the cases where the judge or jury feels the need to conduct additional investigations into the case. There are no other situations in which a non-fault divorce can be contested before a judge. The divorce process time in the USA is usually twelve months. If a couple cannot agree on a divorce agreement the process could last longer that 12 years. That amounts to additional costs in terms of time and funds, not to mention emotions. The wastes that are incurred should be avoided and divorce disputes can be resolved with a simple procedure today.


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