What Are Lidar Services and How Do They Work? – Domain Fach

Perhaps you’ve not had the opportunity to use lidar before. Lidar surveys and Lidar service have become more important than ever to the lidar mapping industry, considering that more than one third of all dam collapses occurring since 1874 happened in the last 10 years. Find out more about what lidar services and how they function.

Let’s start by discussing what lidar services actually are. Lidar is a term used to describe the detection of light and range and is a method of remote sensing that uses lasers to measure heights, such as the trees, the ground, as well as building elevations.

What is a lidar-based system? Lidar makes use of near-infrared or ultraviolet sources to identify things. The pulse is the light energy generated by the lidar sensor. Refraction of light back to objects or ground is the return.

What do the lidars measure? It sends out a pulse after which it waits for it’s return. The lidar system analyzes the time it takes for the light pulse to reach the sensor. The object is able to be placed in a position which is adjustable.

To know more about how lidar detection systems function and services for lidar work, check out the video above!


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