What Is a Category 6 Cable? – Business Web Club

You can read the following to find out what category 6 cables are and how they’re utilized.

What exactly is a Category 6 cable? The Category 6 cables are known as ethernet cables and are the most widely used type of ethernet cable used today.

What are the main components of Category 6 cables? The elements of category 6 cables comprised both cords as well as twisted pair modular connectors. The majority of customers use these components in commercial establishments as well as data centers, which are used for applications like video, data, as well as the internet.

Cabling provides robust connectivity up to 100 metres and 1 gigabyte of data per second. Also, it may support higher data rates like 5 gigabytes/sec. The capability of the electronics is a factor of the electronic components and the setting the product is being used in.

The upgraded version of Category 6 cables, dubbed category 6a cable that provides 100% support for data rates that exceed 10 gigabytes second and 100 metres.

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