What Is Micro Machining? – Andre Blog

This type of machining is typically used. End mills are the type of cutting tool commonly used in industrial. It differs from a drill bit primarily by being able to cut in the directed axial as well as radial directions.

Micro machining is used by engineers, mechanics, and others who design to create things at an micro scale. The tool for micro-machining has sharp cutting edges, that can be defined geometrically. This lets to shape and modify tiny objects. Material that is suitable for micromachining include polymers, metals, alloys, and a variety of other solid materials. These materials can also be used in the production of glass. This is a more intricate method.

One of the key factors to success with micromachining is organization and consistency, as the presenter on this video will demonstrate. It is important to be aware of the different sizes of micro machining equipment as well as knowing which size is the most suitable for the materials you’ve got at the moment. You now know everything you need to know about micro machining tooling.


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