What You Need to Know About Tree Care – Maine’s Finest

f your trees. The trees can provide curb appeal to any home If they’re properly taken care. The next session will focus on mulching as well as ways to support trees with mulch.

Mulch offers a variety of benefits for trees. It helps to reduce heat, which is crucial to trees that get lots of sunshine. Mulch can be utilized in order to improve soil health and to hold water in order that trees get the amount of water that it requires.

It is important to add fresh mulch around your tree at least once a year. This is vital as over time the mulch is going to be worn away. You are making sure that your tree gets all the necessary support with a mulch change every year.

Mulch is best placed around trees to shield the trunk. It can cause issues with insects and diseases in the event that the mulch piles upon the trunk. Instead, spread the mulch uniformly in a circle around the trunk.

Next time you put the mulch on your trees, remember these tree care facts.


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