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  • Use Google Rankings as Part of a Full Internet Marketing Plan

    You may think your boss has some creative ways to let you know he will be out of the office; but it is probably a safe bet he or she never used a Google doodle. The first Google doodle was introduced in 1998 and depicted the famous Burning Man. It was to let the employees […]

  • Thinking Outside the Box with SEO

    The internet has become the entire world’s primary marketplace, and that means SEO blogs and other SEO tools are on the rise in importance and earning power. Search engine rankings and their ability to recognize backlinking are crucial to this type of marketing because they produce organic results, which are much more useful than the […]

  • Reasons A Search Engine Ranking Is So Vital For Success Today

    Years ago, when online search engine ranking powerhouse Google was not yet a company and still a project in its research phase, its founders were still being innovative, using LEGO blocks to make storage compartments for the ten or so 4 gigabyte hard drives they were employing to test out their PageRank algorithm. These founders […]