Thinking Outside the Box with SEO

Internet marketing

The internet has become the entire world’s primary marketplace, and that means SEO blogs and other SEO tools are on the rise in importance and earning power. Search engine rankings and their ability to recognize backlinking are crucial to this type of marketing because they produce organic results, which are much more useful than the more prosaic sponsored results that are actually ignored by 70 to 80 percent of internet users.

SEO blogs follow new trends in the industry and changes in search engine technology, demographic data and the overall landscape of the internet, at least as far as SEO is concerned. SEO reporting of this nature is useful, especially when you think about how much money SEO users save. So called “inbound” leads, i.e. results from SEO click through, cost 61 percent less than other methods, like cold calling, paper mailings or email spam. This is why being able to influence Google rankings is so incredibly important to this business. And companies that blog have the best edge of all. SEO blogs run by companies and linked with their campaigns have an average of 434 percent more indexed web pages overall, meaning they’re going to generate significantly more leads than those who don’t use blogging as a tool for Seo marketing.

There’s no shame in outsourcing the development of you SEO blogs to the right entity, either. Google, for instance, is not particularly famous for outsourcing, but when they do so, it’s often in the most creative way possible. For instance, they cut their grass not with mowers run by hired lawnkeepers, but with goats. The goats are rented to a grazing company who is expected to give them a place to feed, and Google in turn rents them to graze on their property. This can be a sort of metaphor for the way internet marketing firms and SEO blogs can join forces and work to each other’s advantage, not to cut grass or feed goats, but to build status and sales power online.

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